Too gangster 

It was my birthday I’m happy . I wanted a powerful denim look. I wore a black big shirt Oakridge as usual and dark blue jeans to fit the distressed big denim jacket  with gold accessories of course a chain and rings and a VaiVai watch to Finnish the look I wore Stans Smiths and Monster cap. I was hyper feeling old and strong . I enjoyed my birthday eating out with friends after that you hit the club to end a good day to start a good one. 



Work done before five

   It is easy to put on sandles ,sweat pants and a shirt when running arends but for a fashion lover who is so active you’ve got to dress to impress so that’s why I’m wearing Nike trainers ,they are yellow Roshes with rolled up jeans slit by the knees for that edgy look ,a NY sports shirt on the side and when it’s cold or getting kinda chilli you just throw on your long slim pull over with zips on the side . A simple look ,nice sporty look for a busy day that will also compliment you fashion ,and don’t mind getting a bottle of water hey.

A golden atmosphere

This look is beautiful strong and has a statement. Most people in Namibia are afraid to be expressive in what they wear that’s why I like to wear loud as they call it. I wore a gardigen with a Oakridge Chino and Dakotas this is a semi-classic look , a dark denim jacket to break the colour tension,when you are planning to have lunch and the day is just so bright and the sun is shining  bright as ever a beautiful Aligent look.image

Denim threat

I love Louise Vuiton it’s classic chic and has a lot of drama so wearing a Louise Vuiton cap brings edgynes to n all denim outfit. I wore denim because it is light for this scorching sun, to wear full denim show a lot in a person espacially when the colours differ, I’m crazy about Converse so I would wear them any day and time that’s why I wore high cut black and white Converse.image

It’s better light

When a its hot as usual in Namibia and you know your going to be running arrends,the first thing you have to do is get sun protection sunscreen is assential espacially shades. In Namibia when the sun is shining or where ever in the world you would never want to wear a black shirt that’s why it’s a good choice to wear a white V-neck shirt which is light and easy to breath in,Oakridge is an amazing brand with organic clothing I got myself Oakridge Classic pants folded just to show that summer wear. The last piece to this outfit is white Converse to match with the shirt. And it’s a comfortable look someone who will be busy.It's better light